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Double Mattress Sign Holder

Back plate slides between mattresses to hold in place.


Flat Sign Holder for Mattresses

Lays flat on the mattress


Bed Frame Sign Holder

Fits on the headboard or footboard for maximum impact


Pillow or Bedding Shelf

Features built-in sign holder


Acrylic Slatwall Shelf

Available in a variety of colors


Vertical Bracelet/Watch Bar

Make a stunning impact on your jewelry selection with this solid 2" thick cylinder bracelet and watch tower. Square base drops down over the 13" tall cylinder. Simply slip on watches or bracelets and watch sales escalate


Horizontal Bracelet/Watch Bar

Bring this matching 2" thick cylinder bracelet and watch displayer next to the tower to complete your fixturing. This one is 10" long, resting on a 1/2" thick cradled base. Simply lift up the end to slip on watches or bracelets


Necklace Tablet

Elegance and style holding a long awaited gift for just the right person. Initial is Silk Screened in Medium Gray. Made of solid 1" thick acrylic for an exclusive look


Tablet Sign

Elegance and style holding a long awaited gift for just the right person. Initial is Silk Screened in Medium Gray. Made of solid 1" thick acrylic for an exclusive look


Display Blocks

Attention grabbing, high end look using assorted size 1" and 2" thick acrylic blocks. Let us create the size needed for signing your merchandise in your showcase and window displays


Small Display Blocks

Our small acrylic sign blocks work great mixed with our other acrylic jewelry displayers. They make for an attention grabbing, high end fashion look. Let us create the size needed for signing your merchandise in your showcases, window displays and countertops


Ring Posts Displayers

Design a style to fit your merchandise. Let us create a tiered ring displayer with 9, 12 or 16 posts using clear, black acrylic or frosted acrylic


Earring Displayer

Let us create an earring displayer to fit your store environment and stock selection. This one holds 4 sets of small to large earrings on a frosted acrylic base. Choose clear, black or frosted acrylic


E-Liquid Showcase

Hottest item sold today! Let us create a case for your e-liquid stock at your security level. This one has 4 slide out drawers with 7 slots per drawer. Let us laser etch your brand for a one of a kind look. Add a lock, more or less drawers, more graphics, or whatever you want


Graphic Spinner

Spin your product round and round and watch your inventory turn. This sharp little countertop spinner holds pre-packaged goods, key fobs, chains and all kinds of merchandise. This one is made of white Sintra with a removable top cap so you can insert a graphic in the clear tube. Make it unique to your store and your merchandise


Etched Van

Moving down the highway….this special event marketing piece is laser etched. Let us create your unique brand piece, employee award, event plaque or whatever special article you need


3-Tier Frosted Acrylic Jewelry Display

Using frosted acrylic on displays shows an updated modern look. It also helps minimize visible dust and fingerprints.

Bejeweled Single Bar Bracelet Display

We took a standard bracelet display and turned it up a notch, with thicker acrylic and laser etching.

Vial Caddy

Advantage not only creates displays for retail, but also for museums, schools, libraries, churches and even laboratory use, such as this one.

Acrylic Dinnerware Display

Advantage took a standard clear acrylic dinnerware display and used white acrylic to match the look of white easels their customer already had.

Block Necklace Display

Bulky jewelry displays can sometimes detract for the product being sold. We designed this display to "disappear" behind the necklace on display.

6-Tier Ring Display

We design displays for use showing off one single item or many, as in the case of this ring display.

Eyewear Displays

With even a small change to one of our existing catalog items, Advantage can customize a display just for you.

Eyewear Display

An eyewear retailer needed a streamlined way to showcase product within its existing displays without the use of adhesives.

Gun Cradle and Tray System

To make removal of product at store closing easier and faster for a firearms distributor, Advantage created a stackable tray and cradle system.

Locking Cell Phone Display

To keep expensive demo cell phones tethered to the slatwall of a phone retailer, Advantage created a system that increased safety and improved security.

Ring & Jewelry Displays

When a national accessory client needed a more organized way to display rings, bracelets and overstock merchandise, Advantage designed sleek fixtures to match store décor.

Key Fob Display

Advantage fabricated a space-saving countertop display to showcase small hanging items for a clothing and accessories retailer.

Custom Color Options

Advantage not only manufactures displays in clear acrylic, but we also have the ability to help you show off your items in COLOR!

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